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Practitioners' Page

Here's where teachers using Mindquest Academy courses – in ABE programs and colleges – can share their experience, ideas, and questions! We seek your contributions as we develop this page. We're looking for:

  • Examples of teaching strategies you've used and how they worked.
  • Examples of student assignments (no names, please) that show student growth and progress. You might send in the student's first assignment and then revisions, along with your suggestions and comments.
  • Changes that you've made to assignments. Maybe you've added to the assignment, improved upon the directions, or thought of another way to have the student work with the material in the topic. Other teachers can benefit from your experience.
  • Suggestions you have for increasing student understanding of a topic or module. It might be pre-teaching some vocabulary, discussing the content before students read it, or finding out what your students already know about the subject being studied. These are just a few ideas; we want yours!
  • Links you'd like to see added to course content and/or assignments.

You can also comment upon a posting from another teacher. The more online dialogue we can generate, the more interesting this page will be.

We welcome your suggestions for the Practitioners' Page. We need your input to build this into a really interesting, useful place for teachers. Send your ideas to