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For community and technical colleges

Development of College Prep Program: Beginning in the spring of 2006, Mindquest Academy staff initiated a new kind of "transitional" classroom, one combining online and direct instruction using Mindquest Academy courses, located on a community or technical college campus and staffed by an ABE teacher trained in online teaching methods. Currently two colleges are offering this program: North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park and South Central College in Mankato. In addition to academic preparation, the program emphasizes "school-ability" development – helping students to understand how college "works" and what they need to do to succeed in this system.

The College Prep program serves students who have completed their study with ABE programs (GED and diploma graduates, brush-up and Advanced ESL students); students enrolled at the college who need additional help, and adults not enrolled in any program or school who want a post-secondary education but need college prep.

The College Prep program is supported through Perkins grants, ABE reimbursement for student hours, and in-kind contributions from participating colleges.

Mindquest Academy staff will be expanding this program to other interested colleges during the coming year.

To get your college involved with Mindquest Academy: Contact Bella Hanson, Coordinator Mindquest Academy or Mary Diedrich, Dean of Student Support Services at North Hennepin Community College: Phone: 651-774-9995 Phone: 763-424-0912

For ABE programs
  • Staff development: Teaching online or in a classroom combining remote and direct instruction requires specialized skills and approaches. Mindquest Academy staff provides free training to ABE teachers through workshops, online training modules (now in development), and on-going coaching. Trainings combine hands-on activities with discussions and demonstrations. Major themes include online pedagogy, assessment, curriculum design, adult learning strategies, course design and content, and technical skills.

    Our pilot trainings ended in June 2007. A new training program will begin in December of 2008 and will incorporate both online and face-to-face training approaches. Instructors who complete the program will receive a certificate from the Minnesota Department of Education/Adult Basic Education. More detailed information about the training program will be added to this site in the Fall of 2007.

  • A comprehensive set of 24 college prep courses: When instructors complete the training program, they have access to all the college prep courses. They can adapt and integrate individual courses or modules into a program of study that fits their students' needs and their programs' goals. The curriculum is designed to give teachers freedom to develop an instructional approach that is individualized and unique.
  • Assistance with developing collaborations: Mindquest Academy offers ABE programs help in forming working relationships with staff and faculty in community and technical colleges. We can help with questions such as:
    • Who should I talk to at the college?
    • What are some key interests of colleges that I should be aware of?
    • What are some models for transitioning adults to college that I can use?
    • What do I need to know about the staffing and departmental structures in community and technical colleges?
  • To get your program involved with Mindquest Academy: Contact Bella Hanson. Phone: 651-774-9995

The ABE Transitions-to-College Three-Year Initiative

The Mindquest Academy will work with others to promote and implement the ABE Initiative that begins in July of 2007.   As the Initiative develops across the state, we will add information to this site about opportunities for programs and colleges to participate and access our resources.

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