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Four Course Areas

Our program offers you 25 college preparatory courses in 4 main areas of study:

College Foundation Skills: Improve reading comprehension, writing, math and research skills. See an example. . .

Academic Samplers: Learn what to expect from a college course in a general subject area. Explore various fields in science, social studies, literature, and mathematics. Become acquainted with key questions that shape these fields and with some current and "hot" issues. You'll strengthen reading, writing, and critical thinking skills while learning about a subject area. See an example. . .

College Success: Motivation, time-management, improving memory, taking tests, and reading text books are a few of the topics covered in this set of courses. The emphasis here is on learning to be a successful college student. See an example. . .

Career Development: these courses draw on a variety of Internet resources to help students assess interests and goals, explore career choices, and look at options for working while going to college. See an example. . .