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Area IV – Career Development (example)



A personality inventory Book entitled Personality In Adulthood
(Clip art from the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies Catalog )

What is a personality inventory?

We all know how complex, or complicated, a person can be. That's where a personality inventory comes in. It is an assessment tool that takes the complexity of human personality and simplifies it by defining a set of personality "types."  Even though these "types" don't completely describe or include all personality traits, people often find this process is useful for getting insights into themselves or other people.

Naming personality types also helps people communicate more easily with each other about personality characteristics.

Employers often use personality tests as a training tool. For example, an employer might ask everyone who works together as a team to take the same personality test. Then, they will be able to talk about how they can work together best, based on the personalities of the people on the team. The Myers-Briggs test (which you can choose to take as part of this last assessment) is one frequently used for this purpose.

Why take a personality test in a career exploration course?

The statement above is probably one reason. When you make a career choice, you should be aware of how your personality might affect or be affected by the type of work you do - or how compatible you might be with people you work with.

Assignment 4.5: A personality inventory of your choice

_____  Create a file for this assignment named "Personal profile." Save it in your course folder.

_____  At the Web site you'll find a number of personality tests. Go to the homepage and click on "Personality Tests."

_____  You'll see a screen with a list of various tests. Next to the name of each test is an "Info" link. You can select from "Global," "Enneagram," "Myers-Briggs," "Big Five," or "Right Left Brain" tests for this assignment. Click on the information links to see which tests interest you.

_____ When you've finished the test you've selected, open your assignment file and

  • write a description of the test - how was it constructed or organized?
  • describe the results you got
  • explain how the results might explain or affect any career preferences you have

_____  When you're finished, check your writing to be sure it's clear and easy to follow. Check your spelling. Then send the assignment file to your instructor for a response.

_____  When your instructor gives you the go-ahead, post this file to the "Career and Personal Profile" section of your eFolio site.

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