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Area III: College Success

Motivation, time-management, improving memory, taking tests,
and reading text books
are a few of the topics covered in this set of courses.
The emphasis here is on learning to be a successful college student

College Planning: Orients you to the Academy and to college preparation. It's shorter than the other courses and is intended to be an introduction to a college prep learning plan. You will find answers to many questions about college that you may have. You can also take the Accuplacer placement tests and build a learning plan.

Academic Skills: Instructs and provides practice for you in basic college skills such as listening, note-taking, improving memory, and taking tests. See an example of this course . . .

Managing College Success: Explores personal success strategies for college, such as planning study time, setting goals, building motivation, dealing with procrastination, and improving health and wellness.

Study Reading: Examines techniques for reading college materials, including building vocabulary, previewing textbook material, using active reading strategies, and rehearsal techniques.