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Taking Mindquest Academy Courses Through the College Prep Program in a Community/Technical College
What is the College Prep program?

The College Prep program is currently available at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park and South Central College in Mankato. Students work with Mindquest Academy courses under the direction of a trained ABE teacher. The classroom is on campus and students can choose to work in the classroom, in a lab, or at home or in some combination of these options. Students may begin the College Prep program at any time during the year. They have access to a number of support services, including tutoring and counseling. The program is free to students.

Who takes the college prep courses?

Some students are transferring from an ABE program to the college. Some are not enrolled in any educational program or school but have heard about the College Prep program and want to improve their academic skills and gain confidence. Others have started an English-for-Speakers-of-Other-Languages (ESOL) or a developmental class at the college but need or want additional help. And still others may take the Accuplacer placement tests and be referred to the College Prep Program.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make?

Most often your teacher will recommend that you devote nine hours a week to College Prep course work. This may include some classroom attendance and some independent online study. The time you spend with the program is something you and your instructor will work out together and can be adapted to fit your life situation.

How many courses will I take?

This differs for every student and depends upon your skill needs and your academic goals. Most students will take three to five courses.

How long will it take me?

Your College Prep Learning Plan will include a timeline that shows how many eight-week terms we recommend. Each college semester is 16 weeks. In College Prep, we divide it into two eight-week terms. Again, this is a decision you and your instructor make together.