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If you've got your sights set on college, but first want to boost your academic skills, then the Mindquest Academy is for you!  We're a resource of online college prep courses and instruction that can be tailor-made to fit your needs and interests.

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We're free! Save money!   No fees to pay or books to buy.

We're convenient!  You can study from home anytime of the day or night. Or, you can join other adults in a classroom at many local adult basic education programs or in a College Prep program on several college campuses.

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We're here to open new learning opportunities for you!  You and your teacher will design your own personalized college-prep plan. We'll take into account your past education; your current skills; and your interests, goals, and life situation. You'll learn what you need to know to be a successful college student:

  • What the college environment is like
  • How to use strategies for critical thinking, college reading, writing, and mathematics
  • What introductory college courses, such as biology, economics, anthropology, public health – and many more – are all about and how to get the most from these courses
  • How to manage your time; set motivating goals; and organize assignments, readings, and projects
  • How to use the Internet effectively and complete assignments on the computer

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Entering the college you want is quite a challenge. We prefer to spend time on small things: they can be done quickly, immediately see the result, and be satisfied. Therefore, many postpone their preparation for the exam until the last moment. It seems they still have time to prepare. In order not to get frustrated by the consequences of this approach to life, make a habit of doing a little each day. It's good that there are online college preparation courses, and we should not forget about the GPA. Because in order to be on time with everything, you can take advantage of the Essay Keeper Essay Helper service.

If you are looking to create new learning opportunities to become a successful college student, then an online college prep course might be the perfect option for you. With our online courses, you will receive comprehensive instruction and guidance in various topics such as how to do your essay writing and other academic assignments, understanding the expectations of college-level work and much more. Through our courses, you will have all the resources needed to transition into higher education with ease and confidence. Our online college prep courses are designed to help students become successful in their new learning environment and ensure they start off on the right foot. With our support and guidance, you can do your essay writing tasks with confidence and feel prepared for all new challenges in college.  Sign up today and explore new learning opportunities to become a successful college student!

We have the resources you need to succeed in college and “do my essay” writing assignments with ease. With our online prep courses, you can gain new knowledge and understanding to help you transition into a new learning environment with confidence. Enhance your skill set and explore new learning opportunities today to become a successful college student! Sign up for our college prep courses and get ready to succeed in your new academic environment. Learn the expectations of college-level work, do your essay writing tasks with confidence and gain new knowledge to help you become a successful college student!  Sign up now to access our comprehensive online resources and start exploring new learning opportunities today.